Internet Presence Management

Phase(3) – Internet Presence Management

Our flagship service offering is our Internet Presence Management (I.P.M). This service will provide you peace of mind knowing your business’ Internet Presence – from your domain to social media profile, is being monitored. Ensuring your 24/7 sales system is always working for you. Some of the management areas covered are:

Domain – Ensure your domain is owned and controlled by you.

Hosting – Ensure your hosting service, including the server, backups, and network operation center are reliable.

Website – Review your website from the landing page to the goal completion page via multiple devices, platforms, and browsers; to ensure a positive user experience (UX) with a simple but elegant user interface (UI).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Research your website’s current structural design and content to ensure they are in line with current “White Hat” techniques and that your site is not using any “Gray or Black Hat” techniques. Non-White hat techniques usually have a negative effect on your (non-paid) Search Engine ranking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Monitor to ensure your site is showing in the Paid, Local, and Organic listing positions for desired search phrases on the major Search Engines like Google.

Online Profiles and Listings – Verifying that your name, address, phone (NAP) and other general business information is accurate on a predefined list of websites that have been deemed relevant to your industry. (Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, Houzz, RateMD, etc.)

Social Media – Ensure ownership and control of profiles while collecting data to determine which platform provides transactional traffic. (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

The following are the deliverables that are included with this service.

  • Monthly Management Report(s) – The report package includes your Google Analytics Dashboard and our recommendations.*
  • Quarterly Knowledge Gap Analysis – Analysis includes your KGA, GA Dashboard, recommendations, and results.
  • Annual Phone / Video Conference to review the annual Knowledge Gap Analysis.

Price: Average Monthly Retainer $500

The final monthly retainer amount for this service varies by client but is based on the estimated number of hours needed for the project’s duration and in which area of expertise the work will be preformed in. Your current webmaster, hosting company, internet marketing, and website design company is another big factor in the number of hours we estimate. If you are currently paying a business to make a website change, ppc update, or social media post; then we would only need to estimate time for research, design, management, testing, data gathering, analysis, and results presentation. The actual build process of the project will be handled by the current 3rd party. While we do not set a maximum limit on our retainers we reserve the right to apply a minimum monthly retainer amount of $150. This minimum is subject to change but is set for life once you become a client.

* Additional business and marketing reports can be provided in addition to the Management Report if desired. Check out our custom system design page for more on our custom programming and scripting services.

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