7th Power, Inc’s origins began over 4 decades ago when in June 1978, William R. McDaniel started a small family-run and owned computer consulting company called MicroSystems. That company would later become Northwest Business Systems, better known in the industry as NBS. Our tag line back then was, “Specialist in Business and Data Processing Systems”. In 1979 NBS’ 3 top goals were:

  • 1) “to aid small to medium-sized businesses in the Seattle-Tacoma area, the managers of whom are relatively unsophisticated in the usage of data processing equipment for effective financial management.”
  • 2) “to provide reliable hardware and software at an affordable price initially in the $14,000 to $16,000 range for a complete computer system.” – Remember this was back in the late 1970s.
  • 3) “to offer customized software packages which are more complete than those currently available for small business computers. Traditional applications software will be developed, including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, etc.” – Financial packages like QuickBooks did not even exist until after 1983 when Intuit was founded.

To reach those goals NBS provided expertise and technical support in computer information fields such as networking, system design, software integration (custom & boxed solution), customized software, and general consulting.

Because we are constantly on the lookout for what’s up and coming or what has been around for a while and is starting to become mainstream. We noticed in the early 1990s how an old technology was being revamped, showing promising potential. The technology was called the “Internet” or “World Wide Web”. Seeing the unlimited potential of the Internet, NBS integrated some of these new Internet technologies, becoming an Internet Service Provider (ISP) on June 5, 1995, with the purchase of its first domain www.nbs.net. This move allowed us to provide a wider range of services to our clients including; dial-up (14.4K – 56.6K), ISDN (128K), co-location, DNS, Email, and Website hosting.

Then in July 2000, NBS became 7th Power, inc., and day-to-day operations were handed off to Paul R. McDaniel. 7th Power, inc. continues to provide the same level of service that its clients have come to expect. Over the years, we have continued to evolve and adapt our knowledge of technology, allowing us to provide the right type of technology for our clients, helping them succeed in reaching their goals. Today our focus is on ensuring our clients’ Internet Presence is properly managed on the Cloud. Helping them save time, money, and energy; while ensuring them with peace of mind knowing someone is watching over their digital assets.

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