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Phase (3 ) – Internet Presence Management

Our flagship service offering is our Internet Presence Management (IPM). This service will provide you peace of mind by knowing your business’ Internet Presence – from your domain to your social media profile, is being monitored. Ensuring your 24/7 sales system is always working for you.

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Phase (3 ) – Knowledge Gap Analysis (KGA)

The goal of the KGA process is to provide you our client with a general understanding, of where your businesses digital presence is, on the internet, at a given time and date. Then show you how to monitor your current investment/s in your presence with an easy to read internet-based dashboard.

The dashboard is generated using raw data from different preselected sources (Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). This data is then formatted using our Algorithm and is then presented as actionable insights. These insights help to change day-to-day business decisions into informed, goal-oriented, growth decisions.

It is 7th Power’s goal through our Phase (3)™ process to assist you in increasing your Internet revenue stream by increasing your Internet presence on the Cloud.

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