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Internet Presence Review

Read why we own the Interllectual Property to your Internet Presence

Phase 1 – Internet Presence Review

Does your company exist in the virtual world of the internet? How will your customers find you in 2 years? If I searched for your name or business online, would you control what shows up? If your target market is 25-34 year old females with children, do you have a Pinterest account? Should you? Why?

These are the types of questions we can help you answer. For the last 18 years we have been helping businesses navigate the web of confusion, known as the Internet. Over this time we have seen fads come and go but the one thing that has remained consistent is people's addiction to information.

With help from companies like IBM, MicroSoft, Apple, Google, Samsung and Motorola, the ability for anyone, anywhere to "plugin" and get up to the minute information on whatever their heart desires is now becoming a primordial need. It is because of this extraordinary ability to get an "information fix" on demand that makes knowing where your business exists in this virtual world stratigicly critical to your survival. This is where we can help.

Our Internet Presence Review (IPR) is an information product which includes your custom created IPR and an optional consultation to discuss and review your options. The purpose of the IPR is to provide you with a general understanding of "what" and "where" your business' Internet Presence (I.P.) is at a given point in time and space. Throughout the report we use the terms Internet, online, digital, and Cloud interchangeably. Topics of the consultation may include next step recommendations and a discussion of the different data sources relevant to your Internet Presence. The IPR is for you to keep and review as needed. The report is just the starting point; it is up to you to determine if this is where you would like to stay.

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Note of interest, these reports are assembled by Federal Way Public Academy (FWPA) alumni. FWPA is a 6th through 10th grade public college-prep school that strives for academic excellence with a focused and challenging curriculum. FWPA students, in general, have higher scores on state standardized tests than the rest of the district and most start college after graduation through the Running Start Program.

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